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Frequently Asked Questions


This is a free directory service provided to the Singapore community by a sole volunteer. is not associated with any of the clinics listed. Listings provided at are for information only. Clinics details are subject to change without warning. No guarantees are provided as to the accuracy of the information.

If you need to add or update a listing, please contact us.

Are YOU a legal clinic? How can I arrange to see one of your lawyers?

No. is only a website. We do not have lawyers. This service is provided to make it easier for people to find legal clinics.

WHAT is a Legal Clinic?

A legal clinic is a place you can talk with a lawyer for free.

Consultions are limited to personal matters ie not business matters. Legal Clinics are not Substitutes for Lawyers. Advice provided at legal clinics is for guidance only. These services are not intended to replace or supplement legal advice and legal action that may be needed in each case.

WHERE can I get free legal advice?

Advice given at legal clinics is free. However this is only a short consultation. If you need the full services of a lawyer and you cannot afford to pay for one, refer to the information below on Legal Aid.

Is a Legal Clinic the same thing as Legal Aid?

No. Legal aid is a term that has a specific meaning: to enjoy the services of a lawyer at no charge (or a reduced charge) when you are unable to afford the normal cost of a lawyer.

In order to obtain legal aid you must apply at the Legal Aid Bureau.

A legal clinic, on the other hand, simply gives you the opportunity to have a short consultation with a lawyer for free. Eligibility criteria is usually not as stringent as for legal aid.

WHO are legal clinics for?

Clinics are only for those who DO NOT already have a lawyer.

Eligibility varies from clinic to clinic and is based on residency, income and other factors. Many but not all clinics require that you are a Singapore citizen or permanent resident.

Call to verify eligibility.

WHEN do they take place?

Most community clinics are held on a monthly basis. Clinics held by the Law Society are weekly.

HOW long do I get?

Consultation times vary from clinic to clinic but are usually 20-30 minutes. This is a short consultation in order to guide you to your next steps.

Note, however, you should allocate time for waiting. Depending on the clinic, waiting times may be up to 2 hours.

HOW can I make an appointment? Can I just walk in?

Most legal clinics do not cater to walk-ins IE you usually need to register first. Even for clinics which permit walk-ins, call first to confirm the clinic is being held at all. Clinics are typically run by volunteers and schedules are subject to change.

Advance booking is usually by phone but for some clinics you need to go down to the office to fill in a form first.

Many clinics are popular - it is advisable to book well in advance.

Additionally, with COVID, many clinic consultations have moved online or are postponed. So it is imperative you call to check first.

HOW can I get urgent help? I need advice immediately!

As the Law Society clinics run almost daily, that is the best place to try get an appointment on short notice.

For quick questions, try the Legal Help website.

Can the legal clinic recommend a lawyer?

Most clinics will not recommend lawyers.

How can I find a lawyer in Singapore?

To find a lawyer, refer to the Law Society website.

How can I divorce in Singapore? Who can apply for a divorce?

There is an expansive list of divorce information and resources here: AWARE Singapore: Divorce Information.


This FAQ was last updated: 12-Mar-2022